Fixed wireless access to help UK business Internet woes

Arqiva, a network provider and specialist in wireless Internet, began a trial of fixed wireless access (FWA) technology at the end of July 2017 in London. It is collaborating with Samsung for this trial, and the companies hope that FWA will turn into a feasible option for 5G connectivity in the near future.

Arqiva said that FWA has the ability to offer similar download and upload speeds as a fibre-to-the-premises Internet connection.

Simon Beresford-Wylie, CEO of Arqiva, stated that after working in South Korea, he was shocked at the state of the Internet infrastructure in the UK. In South Korea, the standard speed for a fixed Internet connection is 100Mbps and that of 4GLTE is 50 to 60Mbps.

Mr Beresford-Wylie said that if the UK wants to have a healthy digital economy and enjoy a competitive edge among the top economies of the world, it is imperative that the nation improves its wireless and fixed Internet infrastructure.

He went on to add that the FWA trial that Arqiva has embarked on has major significance for the country and is a tremendous business opportunity for the company, as consumers are looking for a fast connectivity alternative to fixed Internet.

Arqiva and Samsung will be running the trial for the next few months to determine the signal range and how it is affected by rain and the feral pigeons of London. The technology makes use of very high frequency, and this ensures that it will have higher data and speed capacity.

At the start of the trial, Arqiva was able to attain a mobile broadband speed of 1Gbps, which is sufficient to stream four high-definition TV programmes at the same time without any lull or buffering.

It is anticipated that the trial will continue until the first half of 2018, after which the company will be offering the service to customers, especially businesses. If FWA can be a cost-effective technology, then it could help UK businesses tremendously besides just augmenting their existing Internet access.


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