Protection against internet and email-based threats

Content and email filtering with flexible set-up and access rights




In every school, is it vital to ensure that your staff and pupils are protected from inappropriate sites or emails without restricting the working and learning environment. du Pré, based in Berkshire, delivers excellent filtering services to deliver the levels of diligence that are expected today.

Content Filtering

Here at du Pré, we understand that internet is now one of the biggest learning tools, and it is important that your pupils and students have sensible access without having to worry about harmful content. Our content filtering for schools makes it simple and affordable to set a ‘smart surfing’ policy. This means that your staff and pupils can surf the internet every day within your school without being able to access inappropriate websites, but also without compromising or restricting your working and learning practices.

You can be confident that our website filtering software for schools will also protect any staff you have that work from home or work remotely from these sites.

Are you a school the promotes for use of BYOD (bring your own device)? Our web filtering software will also protect these devices if they are connected to your network.

du Pré’s web filtering services enables your network and IT managers to set up different polices and different access rights to individual employees, staff and departments. Website categorisation is managed automatically and dynamically though the device itself, removing the task of manual updates.

Email Filtering

du Pré also knows that emails play a big part of communications within a school: whether this be teacher to teacher, student to student or student to teacher. With emails being such an important part of your working/learning environment, you can ensure that our email filtering service will eliminate 99% of spam.

Investing in spam filtering provides you with image analysis and will also give you a layer of malware protection, reducing your chances of being hit by Ransomware, part of our recommendations within our Ransomware Protection services)


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