Protecting your data

Keep your records and other data safe from loss

Your school’s data is one of the most important assets needed to keep your school running. Schools, colleges, academies and universities are full of constant digital/online activity and are responsible for large amounts of data, from sensitive personal data to educational materials, research and achievement records. So why wouldn’t you ensure that all your critical data is backed up? With ransomware on the up, and criminals constantly attacking your data, you need to ensure that your school is ready to ‘turn back the clocks’, and are able to restore all data. The same of course applies if you are unfortunate enough to suffer hardware breakdown or theft.

Here at du Pré we understand that protecting your school’s data can feel like a complex task, especially when the amount of storage increases exponentially and there is also so much more focus on sensitive data. Which is why we make sure our backup for Schools a secure and affordable solution allowing educational environments of all sizes to store their critical data offsite within a secure data centre location.

With our cloud backup services for schools, we can ensure that your backup system is always running just how you need it to be, and provide you with the flexibility to easily back up your data. With our backup for schools software, you can decide how often and what exact files you want backed up – whether it’s one file, or all of them! Once you have identified these factors, then your work is done! du Pré will then manage how much storage space you have remaining, and will stay conscious of how often your critical data is backing up. If you wish to add/remove files from your backup, all you need to do is call

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