Managed ICT Support for Schools

du Pré offers a Managed Support service designed to meet your requirements as a school, and can be tailored to substitute for in-house staff, or work alongside them to provide an effective way of providing the essential cover you need.

Proactive Support

du Pré’s proactive support agreements provides real-time monitoring of your servers and circuits. This allows us to provide performance alerts and make you aware of any updates that are available to your technology.

With the proactive support agreements, our Support Team will monitor your network and ensure Windows and Anti-Virus updates are functioning correctly, monitor of back-up routines and deploy appropriate monitors for your servers and applications. With Proactive IT Support from du Pré we will keep one step ahead and resolve any issues immediately before any faults occur, reducing network downtime for your school.

Key Features of Proactive Support:

  • Monitoring of all server based applications and quick response to any abnormalities before faults occur.
  • Full mail server analysis, including time taken to send emails.
  • Monitoring of server capacity and alerts, enabling action to be taken in advance of memory issues
  • WAN, connectivity and router monitoring.

Onsite ICT Support

Regular on-site support can be purchased in time blocks and can be used for break/fix support or to support any changes that may be required within your school. This allows you and du Pré to agree on how often your school would need someone onsite. This could range from twice a week, once a month, all depending on your requirements. One of our dedicated engineers will be on site at the school on the agreed days to help support you with any technical errors or questions that you might have regarding your ICT equipment. If there is one month where your school might need extra on-site assistance, additional ad-hoc days can be purchased.

Helpdesk and Hardware Support

If your school only requires an escalation point when things go wrong, du Pré also offer Helpdesk and Hardware support agreements and off-site remote back-ups. Helpdesk support agreements can be flexible to match your business requirements, and can be agreed on a yearly contract with business grade SLAs, or can be taken in day blocks. This service can also provide onsite support if it is required. The Hardware Support that we offer can cover a variety of equipment, including switches, routers and server hardware. With this agreement you can be sure that your equipment is supported and your school’s critical data is secure and always backed-up.

Telephony Support

With du Pré’s Telephony Support we are able to keep your telephone system fully operational. Our engineers are able to support your telephony system from all types of problems. Whether it’s as simple as fixing a faulty handset or as complex as recovering from a major power failure, we are there to help.

A disruption to your business day is something no company wants to experience, but with the telephony support agreement, you can be confident knowing that our dedicated engineers are on hand whenever you need them to get your back up and running as quickly as they possibly can, reducing the impact on your organisation.

Here at du Pré we understand that not every organisation runs 9-5, so we also offer a 24/7 Telephony Support agreement. Whatever time you have an issue with your telephony system, one of our engineers will always be there to help.

Telephony Support Agreement includes:

  • Full cover for your telephony system, extension telephones and internal telephony cabling, including engineer call outs.

High Speed Broadband for Schools


du Pré provides a range of high speed broadband services to schools depending on your exact requirement. Our connections can also be enabled with QoS (Quality of Service), if you wish to run Managed Hosted Telephony services such as du Pré Connect² through the same connection used for your data.

Our high speed services are also available with fast response SLAs ensuring your businesses or school is not left without connectivity when it is needed.

The full range of du Pré internet connections include:

  • ADSL
  • Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
  • Generic Ethernet Access (GEA)
  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
  • Leased Lines
  • MPLS Networking
  • Wireless Radio Links
  • Wi-Fi


Content Filtering for Schools




du Pré can provide schools with filtering devices to help protect their networks and improve productivity without restricting learning. Content filtering offers protection from inappropriate web content, vital in schools with large numbers of pupils accessing the internet every day.

du Pré’s filtering device enables schools reduced access for pupils without restricting staff. URL tables and website categorisation are managed automatically and dynamically though the device itself, removing the task of manual updates.

In addition to its web filtering solution, du Pré offers a multi-layer service with a spam filter eliminating 99% of spam through multiple spam engines. This also provides malware protection and image analysis to eradicate inappropriate images from email content.

Content filtering can help create a productive and safe learning environment by:

  • Eliminating latency by providing accurate filtering across all content categories.
  • Providing real-time content analysis (the first in the market to do so).
  • Accurate content categorisation reducing over and under blocking tendencies.
  • Protection against new and modified webpages, not just to assigned a URL.



Telephone Systems for Schools



du Pré was one of the first specialists in the UK to promote the use of Hosted Telephone System in schools. In 2008 managing your critical telephone system remotely was considered pioneering, but now flexible hosted systems have become the norm. A decade on we have built a wealth of experience in this field, recognised by the fact du Pré is the only UK Platinum Partner of leading global hosted provider, 8×8.

8×8 Telephone System gives you the flexibility to grow and change, lets your people work on the move or even from home, just as if they were in the office. Inbuilt collaboration tools to hold online meetings enabling the sharing of content and video and provides a new avenue for communicating with customers, suppliers and other members of your team. We are experts in the field; du Pré has been providing a Managed Hosted Telephone Systems since early 2007.

  • All UK, national, local and mobile calls are included within your monthly subscription.
  • All of your staff can make and receive calls as if they were at their desk, even if they are at another site, on the move, or at home.
  • You are able to move, add and remove users easily and on demand
  • With our service you will always have the latest and greatest. Whenever a new feature becomes available, or an existing feature is improved, updates are automatically applied.
  • Provides personalised voicemail messages and users can forward their calls to another employee’s number. Combined, these features are great if an employee is absent or on annual leave.