Cloud computing market in education sector to grow by 26 per cent

Technavio, a market research company, has just published its latest report related to cloud computing in the education sector. The report states that the cloud computing market across the world will grow by more than 26 per cent from 2017 to 2021.

The report highlights that cloud computing is being ubiquitously used in the education sector. Not only students in schools and colleges but also educators and administrators are adopting cloud computing to ensure that faculty and staff boost their productivity while pupils enjoy a better learning experience.

As more schools and colleges are adopting cloud services, educational institutions will not have to invest a lot to support and maintain the necessary infrastructure. Also, cloud computing allows these institutions to upgrade existing infrastructure without increasing their investment. The report also points out that since third-party service providers maintain and support the cloud computing infrastructure, IT staff in colleges and schools can be put to better use so that they are more productive at their workplaces.

Jhansi Mary, Lead Analyst at Technavio, said that cloud computing can reduce the cost of ownership while boosting staff productivity. Cloud services allow students, teachers, facilitators and parents to access multiple learning opportunities, and this, in turn, improves learning experiences.

Educational institutions have benefited tremendously in recent times by making use of the collated data on different cloud computing platforms. This data lets schools and colleges keep track of students’ performance and pinpoint areas that need improvement. This helps enhance student retention.

Ms Mary said that analysing cloud-based data helps faculty evaluate students’ activities. It also assists teachers in improving their classroom instructions abilities by incorporating the latest technologies to create a result-oriented teaching and learning environment.

The report also stated that more schools in the UK are promoting a bring-your-own-device policy, and this is permitting students to bring their mobile devices into classrooms. This has improved learning experiences for students. Also, cloud computing allows teachers to share data and information with students more easily.


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