St Gabriel’s School, Newbury


St Gabriel’s School, Newbury


St Gabriel’s School is a day school for girls in Newbury, Berkshire. The school is home to 500 girls, 60 teaching staff and 20 support staff.

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Telephone System Support
du Pré Calls and Lines
100mb Lease Line


St Gabriel’s School in Newbury is a long standing du Pré customer since 1989. During this time du Pré has upgraded the telephone system, increased its broadband bandwidth and reduced costs on the school’s calls and lines

St Gabriel’s School is situated two miles south of Newbury and occupies a beautiful Grade I listed building in 37 acres of parkland. The school caters for pupils from Nursery age right through to Sixth Form.

du Pré has been looking after the school for over 20 years. During this time du Pré has overseen two upgrades of the telephone system, enabling the school to take advantage of better technology when it became available.

The most recent Samsung installation has allowed the school to incorporate IP telephony. Bursar Noel Erskine commented “My predecessor made a wise choice in purchasing a system through du Pré that is future proof and allowed us to expand. This has enabled us to use IP phones which are easier to purchase and install. The system has so far stood the test of time.”

With the ever increasing need for pupils and teachers to access internet – based resources the school looked into increasing its internet connection. Noel explained “We are always trying to look to the future. When making the decision we were anticipating the need for faster internet access, and the potential requirement for pupils and staff to have remote access to the school servers. This made upload and download speeds important in our decision.”

The school looked at many options and chose the 100mb/s Lease Line option suggested by du Pré. Noel explains further “With our semi-rural location we were pleased with the speed. We got a good deal with du Pré, which was better than the BT offer.” Noel added “We were also able to share the link with another local school who took a 40mb/s share.”

The link is proactively managed so du Pré can immediately investigate any fault without the school needing to raise a support call. The connection also includes stream monitoring. This feature means that du Pré alerts the school if there has been excessive or potentially illegal streaming of films or other media over the connection, something that Noel thinks is very useful “It is powerful being able to say to the pupils that the supplier is monitoring our useage, as well as being able to pinpoint where and when the activity has taken place.”

St Gabriel’s also uses du Pré for its calls and lines. The school had previously been with BT and is enjoying the benefits of being with du Pré. Noel explained “Our call costs are very low – perhaps because we got a good deal! I like the call reporting options; we’ve also found useful du Pré’s ability to block specific numbers from being dialled.”

It is vital that the school can both contact and be contacted by parents, so reliability and support are key. Noel concluded “Problems with the lines are few and far between, but are fixed quickly when issues do occur and the lease line has been very reliable. The du Pré telephone system engineers are also very helpful.”


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