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Lyonsown School has been an accredited ISA member school since 2008. Established in 1906, today the co-educational school has over 200 pupils on roll.


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During a review of its ICT network, Lyonsdown School decided it was time to also investigate replacing its ageing BT telephone system. Following a recommendation to the school, it invited du Pré to visit and discuss the various telephone systems that were available.

The bursar, Nysha Stiles had a positive first impression. She recalls:

“du Pré visited the school and talked things through, suggesting three different systems that would all suit our needs. We were looking for someone to guide us and these people are the experts.”

Lyonsdown invited two other businesses to quote for the proposed new system but felt more confident with the package offered by du Pré. The bursar, explains, “We had a few companies quote but du Pré came across as being more efficient. du Pré also explained every aspect of the deal in more detail than the other bidders, which made us feel we could rely on them.”

At the request of the school, du Pré installed the new telephone system over the summer holidays. Included were several new extensions, as well as new cabling to other areas of the school. The bursar commended on the impressive work of the du Pré engineers, saying:

“They were efficient and tidy, a difficult task due to the amount of cabling required. Everything went smoothly and we were kept fully up to date throughout the installation.”

Since the system went live, the bursar has been delighted with the new Samsung 7030 telephone system “It is so easy to use and meets our needs perfectly. An efficient telephone system is so important. It is vital parents can always contact us and that we can contact them. As a school we need to receive a smooth and efficient service – du Pré provides this very well.”

Contact is an essential part of running the school. Lyonsdown believes it is important for parents to be able to speak to a person rather than go through lengthy options lists. “It is always easy to get hold of someone at du Pré.” said the bursar, “As a school we like parents to be able to speak directly to a person. Similarly, with du Pré there is always someone on the end of the phone if we need them.”

Lyonsdown is also pleased with the du Pré Calls and Lines contract it agreed when purchasing, saying, “We are very happy with the service. We receive a fair deal from du Pré and it certainly keeps up with market trends and is priced competitively.” As part of the calls and lines contract the school receives a monthly breakdown on charges, enabling it to see exactly how much is being spent on telephone calls each month.

The Samsung system has worked successfully for the school, but if problems do arise the school feels confident with the service it receives from du Pré support.


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