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London Law offers a wide range of services from providing company information, corporate support, legalisations and international services to providing unique specialist software linked to Companies House that enables its clients to incorporate and register companies in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland

General Manager

Jeremy Osborne

Equipment and Services

Telephone System
Calls and Lines

Jeremy Osborne, General Manager of The London Law Agency, was reasonably happy with his BT Meridian Norstar for the duration of its use in the firm. However, a decision was made to relocate and this provided the perfect opportunity to switch to a modern telephone system that was better suited to its needs.

This change also resolved a long standing cost penalty, as Jeremy explains: “Prior to moving to Wimbledon we were still suffering the high costs of a previous relocation when we moved to Southampton Row several years ago. Back then, you had to switch from one exchange to another and BT wouldn’t allow us to retain our well-known number for inbound calls.

“Instead, we were having to pay extortionate costs for BT to forward all calls to us. It meant that every inbound call was being charged to The London Law Agency.”

One of the benefits of du Pré Connect is the ability to retain telephone numbers, regardless of where the office is located or, for that matter, regardless of where you are making the call. In planning. The London Law Agency’s switch to its new system, du Pré was able to migrate the telephone numbers from the
first site and bring them into the Connect IP telephony service.

“It’s perfect,” said Jeremy. “Not only do we have the flexibility of du Pré Connect but we no longer pay hefty costs to BT for forwarding every call. Our more sophisticated service is saving us money each month.”

Jeremy also highlighted how the Support team at du Pré assists with customer service. “Whenever I need help it’s just a single phone call to du Pré and my issue is resolved. I don’t have to wait on hold to BT anymore which is really good. The staff at du Pré are excellent.”

Jeremy also utilises the ability to take an extra office phone home with him. By plugging one of the system’s handsets into a standard BT home router, calls can be made and received exactly as if the user is in the office. On the latest versions of the system you can even make office calls over a mobile app.

“I always thought voice over IP calls were consumer grade and low quality, but that’s not what du Pré offers. I am very pleased with our change – it has given us increased service and a cost reduction.”


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