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Horris Hill School, Newtown Hants


Horris Hill is a boarding and day preparatory school for boys, situated near the village of Newtown in north Hampshire, with a beautiful natural setting, woods and plenty of open space. The school is surrounded by sports pitches, a golf course, and a kitchen garden.


Andy Pope

Equipment and Services

On-site ICT Support
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IP500 Avaya Telephony Support



When Horris Hill endured a major service outage they realised just how much they relied on ICT, and decided that it was time to find a technology partner to help support them with their ever growing ICT needs. Bursar, Andy Pope, contacted du Pré for advice on available support agreements. “As we already worked with du Pré and their sister company in other areas, we knew that their customer service levels were good, and we liked the fact that there would be one point of communication – efficiency is the key.”

Rapid response was one factor of Horris Hill choosing to work with du Pré. Already being a customer of du Pré, Andy knew that our customer supports system was quick and efficient, and that our Service Desk team is always just a phone call away.

Horris Hill has chosen to have a du Pré engineer on site 3 times a week to ensure that all their entire ICT installation is kept up to date and properly maintained. Queries can be answered on the spot and if any faults occur, they are resolved as quick as possible.

Andy said: “Our du Pré engineer, Mick, has a very good relationship with our employees. Everyone knows who is he, and feels comfortable addressing any queries with him.” He continues with “Mick always tries to resolve problems with a quick and efficient manner, and escalates as and when its needed, and we are always kept up-to-date with the process.”

With the ICT support and hardware that du Pré has supplied Horris Hill are fully future-proofed – the entire on site system has been designed to be upgradeable as their ICT requirements expand and grow. Andy comments “Where we were to where we are now I know that tech-wise we are lightyears ahead of where we were thanks to du Pré”


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