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Exmouth Community College is a comprehensive academy with approximately 2,500 pupils on roll. It holds Specialist School status for Maths and Computing.

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Sarah Rogers

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“I cannot think of a downside of changing the system and choosing du Pré,” says Sarah Rogers, Network Manager at Exmouth Community College, reflecting on its recent installation of an Avaya IP500 telephone system.

Exmouth Community College is one of the largest comprehensive academies in the UK. It offers education for 11-16 year-olds and has a growing post-16 education programme.

The college had been using an Alcatel telephone system, installed prior to its conversion to an academy in 2011. But the change of status provided the opportunity to improve provision and the decision was made to go to tender for a replacement.

Exmouth Community College considered a number of options before choosing the Avaya IP500 for its two sites. “It was recommended and it did everything we wanted it to do,” Sarah states. “We have got Avaya switching so we knew it would be good, and it was well priced. The package as a whole was really good.

“One of the benefits was the flexibility and future proofing. So if we want to use it with a desktop PC and remove the handsets in the future, we can.”

It is not just the future which is important to the school, but also the present. Features such as voicemail to email notification, auto-attendant and call recording, have provided benefits to frontline staff, as Sarah explains. “The ad-hoc call recording feature has been a great addition; it really gives staff that added peace of mind if they are dealing with a difficult call.

“The voicemail to email notification is a great tool as well. It now means staff do not need to check their voicemails every day – only when they get a notification.”

The school purchased a telephone system support contract with du Pré, which provides hardware replacements plus programming help and advice.

“I felt that out of all the suppliers du Pré would give us the partnership we wanted, not just put handsets in and walk away, but look after us too,” Sarah continued. “It has been proven time and time again as you’ve never said that isn’t part of the contract and put the phone down.

“I like that the support team is willing to share its knowledge and show us how a fault has been resolved. If we ask how it was fixed, the guys are more than willing to dial in again and show us.

The school has also recently moved to a du Pré Academic Calls and Lines package. “du Pré offered good value for money,” explained Sarah.“We were also very happy with the level of service we received, so it made perfect sense to move our calls and lines to them.”

Over 500 schools now use du Pré for their IT, telecoms or Internet services. This experience enables du Pré to offer the high level of service experienced by Exmouth Community College. “There have been tweaks to make as there are bizarre patterns with schools that you don’t get with businesses,” says Sarah, “but du Pré made those changes quickly and efficiently, so the system works exactly how we want it to.

“We haven’t just been given a system that we have to fit into – the system has been made to fit in with us. The support and aftersales have been outstanding, which is important to me.”


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