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Bull & Co were happy with their previous phone system. Charlotte Anns, Partner, says “Whilst our previous telephone system was reliable it was antiquated and did not meet the evolved needs of a dynamic business such as Bull & Co without compromise.” The change in the business provided to be the perfect time for Bull & Co to update their phone system.

There were many factors that Bull & Co had to keep in mind when looking for another telephone provider. Charlotte comments “the majority of our business is contacted over the telephone and we are therefore completely reliant on our telephone system and the support we receive” Charlotte continues “it was extremely important to us that we chose the right technology, and that the underlying support was there in case we had any issues moving forward”

When installing a new system, du Pré will always try to ensure that it is a smooth, professional and well organised install that suits your needs. “We had concerns during the installation of the new system that we would experience downtime and this would be detrimental to our clients, but du Pré’s engineer, Tom, alleviated any concerns. The disruption to our business and the impact on our clients was minimal. Tom was professional, approachable and answered any questions or queries we had” says Charlotte.

Charlotte also highlighted how effective and beneficial the training du Pré provided was to her and the rest of the company. “We received full training on the new telephone system and by the time Tom had left our offices, the new system was up and running and we were able to put the training received to use.”

When searching for a new telephone system, Bull & Co wanted to ensure that all employees would be able to work from home without any issues. By plugging her IP phone into her home router, Charlotte can receive high quality calls at home just as if she was in the office. “The ability to use an IP phone when working remotely from home, mirroring our office number, so we can receive and make calls as though working form the office, is a massive bonus to the way in which we work, offering an even more efficient level of service to our clients, as well as providing myself and our staff with a far greater level of flexibility.

“The help desk support we have received and continue to receive is always delivered in a professional and friendly manner. Any issues we have experienced have been resolved quickly. The ability for help desk engineers to remotely access the telephone system has again ensured that our business needs are not detrimentally effected.”


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