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Tom Crowther

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Tom Crowther, the IT manager at Belvoir’s Central Office, has been working alongside du Pré helping to implement communication and internet services at Belvoir franchises for over three years. We spoke with him to obtain his perspective on du Pré and what sets us apart from other suppliers.Q How were you first made aware of du Pré?

A I met du Pré through acquisitions we made in Lichfield and Burton; both sites were existing du Pré customers. After a number of meetings, I felt it was best to stay with du Pré rather than buy the contracts out. du Pré was one of the best things we gained from that acquisition and it has been plain sailing ever since.

Q What differences have you noticed between du Pré and other providers that you have worked with?

A With du Pré you are given the names of your account and project managers who are always available by phone or email – they guide you through the entire process.

Q Unfortunately technology does sometimes go wrong. How have you found du Pré’s response to any problems your branches have experienced?

A If there are ever any issues du Pré gets on with it and rectifies any problems regardless of what has caused them, which is refreshing. With our previous supplier there was always a lot of finger pointing with no progress being made. The du Pré support team is always accountable for its actions and quick to respond.

Q You have already mentioned the swift response of the support department, but how have you found it to deal with as a whole?A I’m never passed from pillar to post and the person on the phone deals with you directly. If it cannot be dealt with there and then I’m always called back and kept updated. Most problems are resolved with in 2-3 hours and I can count on one hand the number of issues I’ve had in the three years we’ve been using du Pré.

Q du Pré is a family run business and likes to deal with customers on a personal level. Have you noticed this in your experience of our account management?

A In my job, account management is key and critical. The account management I receive from du Pré is right up there with the best of them. I’m always kept in the loop and if you don’t know the answer I’m not fobbed off, but you say sorry and always come back to me with the right information.

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