Filter your internet traffic

Protect your network and improve productivity by stopping web-based threats

du Pré, based in Berkshire, has web filtering services for business that make it easy and affordable to set a smart surfing policy. We’ll protect your users from inappropriate sites, wherever they are. You can be confident that even your home users are protected from these sites.

Web filtering services will help to protect your network and improve productivity without restricting working practices. Content filtering software guards against inappropriate web content, vital in a business environment with large numbers of staff accessing the internet every day.

du Pré’s web filtering device enables network and IT managers to set up different polices for individual employees or on a department basis. URL tables and website categorisation are managed automatically though the device itself, removing the task of manual updates.

Content filtering creates a productive and safe working and learning environment by:

  • preventing users from changing your browsing policies
  • seeing who is violating any set browsing polices and ignoring warnings
  • blocking inappropriate sites, such as adult viewing, gambling, violent content etc.
  • eliminating latency by providing accurate filtering across all content categories
  • providing real-time content analysis (the first in the market to do so)
  • offering accurate content categorisation reducing over and under blocking tendencies
  • protecting against new and modified webpages, not just to assigned a URL


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For more information on our Web Filtering Services, please contact our sales team on 01635 55 55 50 or email