Fighting malicious software and viruses

Avert the risk of loss through malware and ransomware

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software virus that infects a computer, network or data. During the infection, your computer will either be locked or your data encrypted, held hostage, and the only way you can regain access is by paying a ‘ransom’. For that reason ransomware is classified as a ‘denial of access attack.

Malware such as ransomware is not a new phenomenon, but it has become increasingly widespread in recent years.

If introduced to a network, Ransomware can block access to the entire system. Even paying the criminals involved a ransom is no guarantee that your system will be unlocked and found undamaged.

These attacks are indiscriminate and criminals are targeting business, schools and even charities; it’s becoming easier to launch an attack and harder to regain control of your data.

The consequences can be dire and cost thousands of pounds to recover from.

Ransomware prevention

du Pré, based in Berkshire, specialises in ransomware protection. We recommend a three-pronged approach:

Education: teach everyone in your business about the risk of ransomware, prioritising anyone that has access to company emails, servers and computers. Inform them about the danger and consequences of ransomware, and how difficult and time constraining ransomware removal can be.

Technology: Invest in ransomware protection software and anti-virus software. du Pré offers a total data protection software solution that intercepts the hijack and increases ransomware prevention. With this software, and our support, we ensure you won’t be googling ‘how to remove ransomware’ anytime soon.

Recovery: In a worse case scenario your day will be considerably brighter if you have a good back-up service that is fully supported. With du Pré managing this vital part of your IT strategy, you will always have a recent back up of your critical data. In the event of an attack or failure, your business will be able to carry on as usual without the loss of any important files.

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