Email and image monitoring and filtering

Stop email based spam and inappropriate content

We all know far too well that spam emails are a nightmare and that cause headaches for every organisation. So why not invest in a spam filtering service?

Spam emails consume your bandwidth, slowing down your system and increasing security concerns, such as ransomware attacks. du Pré, based in Berkshire, offers a cost-effective email filtering service which can be tailored to fit your business needs.

du Pré’s email filtering services eliminate spam emails and any other unwanted messages from your network. Our email filtering will eliminate and block 95 per cent of spam before it even reaches your network, giving your business, employees and network the ultimate protection.

Our email filtering services also provide image analysis. This feature allows you to recognise if your email system is being used to distribute inappropriate picture content, giving you and your business detailed information allowing you to deal with any issues that may arise. This feature can monitor internal and external emails for inappropriate content.

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