Survey shows UK businesses vulnerable to email-linked hacking

About six out of ten office employees in the UK open email attachments from unknown sources,  Glasswall Solutions, a UK-based cybersecurity company, has found. The company surveyed 1,000 employees for its survey.

Even though many of the respondents are aware of the risks of opening attachments from unknown senders, they still go ahead and do so. In fact, 83 per cent confirmed that they nearly always open attachments if they get them from someone whom they think they know.

Glasswall Solutions believes that poor practices in the workplace, the use of outdated technology and unawareness of cybersecurity norms are causing a problem for many businesses. They are leaving themselves open to hacking and ransomware attacks.

Greg Sim, Chief Executive Officer of Glasswall Solutions, said that there is no doubt that employees in any organisation have to trust the emails that they receive to ensure that they get their work done. However, with hackers using methods such as hiding malicious codes in email attachments, the onus to ensure cyber safety shifts from the individual employee to the organisation.

Mr Sim pointed out that conventional antivirus solutions and employees’ vigilance are no longer useful in protecting organisations both large and small. In fact, adopting these outdates methods of IT security could be devastating for businesses, as cyber attackers could hold organisations for ransom or get access to sensitive data.

Andrew Martin, a professor and cybersecurity specialist at the University of Oxford, stated that the survey by Glasswall Solutions shows that while businesses often resort to IT security awareness campaigns, most do not reap good results, as employees do not have the in-depth knowledge and skills to use effective strategies against hackers. This is why businesses should adopt technology that mitigates risks to a large extent without burdening employees to do something when they do not have the right knowledge or skills.


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