SMEs not taking cybersecurity seriously

Although businesses in the UK were recently affected by the WannaCry and Petya ransomware, research has found that many of the country’s SMEs are not taking cyberthreats seriously.

Webroot, a security company, conducted a survey that offered astonishing results. It revealed that merely 42 per cent of IT decision makers in the US, Australia and the UK seem overly worried about ransomware. In fact, ransomware is not a major concern for most polled IT decision makers. Rather, they appear more worried about malware and mobile and phishing threats.

This survey result is contrary to the research conducted by Webroot in June 2017, which found that over 60 per cent of businesses have already fallen victim to ransomware, and retail and financial companies have been affected the most out of all the sectors.

The new survey showed that in the UK, 72 per cent of IT decision makers acknowledge that their businesses are not equipped to handle cybersecurity issues, yet 87 per cent of decision makers are of the opinion that their employees have the technical skills to address cyberattacks. This shows that there is a false sense of security prevailing among businesses in the country.

When it comes to UK-based SMEs, 22 per cent use in-house employees to manage their IT security, while a third use both in-house employees and external IT support. Just 25 per cent of SMEs have full-time IT staff to handle their security issues.

Adam Nash, Regional Manager for Europe at Webroot, said that across the world, businesses are not worried about ransomware. As a result, they have a major problem with their IT security. Also, the fact that most businesses believe that they can handle cybersecurity issues when they cannot is worrying.

Mr Nash believes that SMEs in the UK cannot ignore IT security. They need to start understanding the issues and check industry trends to protect themselves from external cyberthreats.


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