Focus shifts to endpoint security measures to tackle malware

IT security experts have slowly started shifting their attention to endpoint security measure, claims a survey conducted by Guidance Software, which is a security company based in the US.

The survey was conducted among 400 participants. Out of these, 72 per cent acknowledged that they have plans to boost their budget for endpoint security in 2018, while 32 per cent did not mention a figure but insisted that their IT security budget will increase substantially to ensure that endpoint security is optimal.

A majority of those surveyed admitted that over the last year, hackers were using advanced methods that made it past the traditional cybersecurity defences employed by companies. Nearly 27 per cent of the respondents stated that their businesses were attacked with the help of commodity malware.

Patrick Dennis, CEO and President of Guidance Software, said that IT security experts in different industries are having a tough time protecting networks against cyberattacks, and they have been unable to respond quickly and efficiently to threats as well as attacks.

Mr Dennis pointed out that businesses have to try everything possible to protect their networks from external threats, but they should also acknowledge that it is impossible to completely secure a network. Hence, it is crucial that organisations look to use the right tools and technologies to detect any threat quickly and also respond to it promptly. This will ensure that IT security professionals in these organisations are confident enough to isolate threats and patch any backdoor entry into the network.

SearchSecurity’s recent article pertaining to endpoint security states that it has received a major boost thanks to advances in behaviour analytics, machine learning and sandboxing. These advances are making it possible to address breaches by sophisticated malware, and they are also playing a major role in protecting organisations from threats.


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