Cyber security does not have to be expensive, claims researcher

Over the last couple of years, numerous UK businesses have incurred losses due to cyber breaches and attacks. However, many of these businesses, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), are reluctant to improve their cyber security, as they believe that it is cost prohibitive. Adrian Venables, a cyber security researcher, recently claimed that this does not have to be the case.

Mr Venables, a researcher at Lancaster University, stated that there are low-cost as well as free resources that UK businesses can use to strengthen their cyber security. He opined that cost is a main factor preventing companies from adopting the right cyber security measures. Some businesses also believe that these measures are too complicated for them to handle or that cyber security organisations are using fear to sell their products and services. Additionally, many businesses have a misconception that they will not fall victim to a cyber breach.

According to Mr Venables, most businesses in the UK are not taking cyber threats seriously. He stated that organisations should learn to use advice and best practices that are readily accessible at no cost. These resources are available from the Government and academia and will help UK businesses become more knowledgeable about cyber security. When organisations are better informed, they can adopt the best cyber security policies, and this can be done without costing the company anything, opined Mr. Venables.

The UK Government offers free training to employees who are handling cyber security for SMEs, and small and medium enterprises can easily take advantage of this. They can also get free information from the National Cyber Security Centre, the Open University and industry associations.

While a shortage of cyber security talent is a problem in the UK, Mr. Venables said that businesses can overcome this deficit by identifying employees who work in other roles but have the necessary talent. He pointed out that such employees can be beneficial as well as dangerous for a business, as they have the skills to bypass any security measures that the organisation has adopted.


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