UK school ready to introduce digital curriculum

The John Hampden School Wendover is crowdfunding with the aim to raise money to equip classrooms with new technology toolkits.

The school announced a new computing curriculum that is in line with the National Curriculum for Computing. However, stretched budgets prevented the school from installing the required software and technologies for students. This prompted it to collaborate with the Rocket Fund, which is Nesta’s crowdfunding platform, to raise money for the new technology products that it requires.

The school said that the response to the crowdfunding campaign has been amazing, and within the first three days of the campaign, the school was able to raise £1,000. The campaign is now in its final stage, and the school is still short £792 of its target. It is hoping that it will be able to meet this target before the end of the campaign.

Presently, the school has raised enough money to buy 12 Blue-Bots and 12 microphones. It would also like to add 12 headphones to its toolkit. The Blue-Bots will enable students to learn how to code, simulate algorithms and debug.

Tina Shrimpton, Computing Coordinator at John Hampden School Wendover, said that the staff and students are extremely excited to bring new technology into classrooms. The Blue-Bots have received many good reviews on how they can help make learning fun and interactive for students. The school has been interested in buying the Blue-Bots for a while but did not get the opportunity until now to make them a part of its teaching toolkit.

Ms Shrimpton added that the school is extremely grateful to the parents and local community for the support that it has received. The school now has the means to buy Blue-Bots and ensure that students can benefit from them before the end of the term.

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