ISDN Switch Off

BT will be switching off the ISDN networks for good by 2025, but will start the phasing out and will stop all new orders by 2020. The BT ISDN switch off will affect many businesses, especially those unaware of this change and looking to invest in upgrading or expanding their current business telephone system.


BT are phasing out ISDN networks due to them being outdated and old fashion technologies which are now associated with many setbacks.

ISDN was first introduced in the 19th century, and was the first technology to allow businesses to run both voice and data services simultaneously. However, technology has massively improved within the last decade, and old phone systems are lagging, falling behind and are becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and fix.

How can we help you prepare for this change?

du Pré are one of the very few organisations that have been successfully providing cloud Telephony solutions to our customers since 2008. Our cloud provision was upgraded in 2014 reinforced by a partnership with 8×8, a globally renowned cloud telephony provider.

We understand that this may not be the most pressing item on your agenda but you will need to make some changes to your system by 2025, much sooner if you want to have confidence in the reliability and expandability of your telephone system.

Our Hosted Telephone System

Our platform can offer a range of solutions for your business from simple phones on desks to full unified communications including desktop sharing, voice and video conference and apps for mobile and PC use – you can literally be connected anywhere.

The Benefits

  • Cost Effective

Hosted Telephone Systems are more affordable than your old on-premises phone system. This is due to there being a lot less equipment to actually install, meaning that the whole process itself is easier, and quicker. You also only have to purchase the exact amount of licences you need – so no more buying numerous extensions that you’re not going to use.

  • Flexibility

Our Hosted System gives you the freedom to add and change users as and when you need. The flexible nature of the new technology allows your users to be able to connect to the phone system whenever, and wherever they need to, whether that be with a desk phone, desktop or mobile app.

  • Always Up-to-Date

You will always have the latest and greatest. Whenever a new feature becomes available, or an existing one improved, updates are automatically rolled out. As a result, not only does this make our system truly future proof, but it also means that the system is always compliant.


If you want to hear more information about the ISDN Switch off, or desire a demo of our hosted platform, feel free to contact us on 01635 55 55 50 or email

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