SMEs to get affordable hosted telephony and unified communications

There is good news for UK SMEs that are looking for inexpensive cloud-based communications services. PCI Services, a UK-based communications and IT services company, is now offering hosted telephony and unified communications to SMEs at affordable prices. The carrier-grade services will be available on a pay-per-seat basis, allowing companies to scale up as their business grows.

It is believed that gaining access to these services will allow SMEs to integrate their existing information technology infrastructure with software as a service (SaaS). As a result, operating costs will reduce significantly, and productivity and business-related communications will receive a boost.

PCI Services stated that SMEs can enjoy a flexible contract to suit their needs and budget, and hence, they will not have to opt for a service that favours the vendor more than the business.

Usually, large organisations such as the BBC and BT opt for hosted telephony and unified communications. However, due to these services incurring high costs, SMEs have had difficulty doing the same. With PCI Services now offering SMEs flexible and affordable tariffs, it is anticipated that organisations of all sizes will be able to take advantage of a reliable communications system that is scalable and affordable. Above all, the system can be customised to fit a business’ IT and communications requirements.

Richard Common, Director of PCI Services, said that businesses are already transitioning from PBX telephone systems to completely managed and secured hosted telephony. He believes that his company’s new offering is ideal for SMEs that desire an efficient corporate-grade communications system without the worry of high costs or unfavourable contract terms.

Joe Olabode, Managing Director of PCI Services, stated that SMEs no longer have to worry about paying upfront for their IT communications. The new hosted telephony and unified communication system allows SMEs to select services based on their existing needs and adapt them as and when required.


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