du Pré goes Platinum

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkxAAAAJDg4MjZjN2JmLTMwMWUtNDJmNi05YjI4LTZhMDdjZWY1M2IzYwdu Pré is the first Platinum partner in the new programme introduced by Unified communications vendor 8×8. du Pré’s CEO Barry Anns said: “The great thing about Platinum partnership for us is we always had benefits of the academy which is very useful for training our staff but now there is increased sales training.

8×8 has launched its business partner programme following a soft launch about a month ago and is the first “formal” programme for the vendor. It is the first programme to include levels, putting partners into Accredited, Gold and Platinum tiers.

Amongst the many benefits of the programme resellers have access to marketing funding. Charles Aylwin, director of channel and public sector at 8×8, said the funding is designed to help partners who want to do marketing, events and campaigns designed around 8×8 but do not have enough funds to do so.

Debbie Robertson, marketing director at 8×8, said: “This is pound-for-pound funding. It is when the Platinum partners say they will put in X amount, and we put in X amount as well.”

“Our Platinum partners have their own marketing teams already but they don’t seem to invest in PR agencies,” she said. “That’s why we added this to the programme, which I believe is unique.”

Barry Anns further commented “The PR support is great. It’s something we’ve never been able to do as a business, so we are hoping it will be really good for us. In terms of marketing support, we have already started to take advantage of the new funds.”

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