SMEs and rural businesses suffering due to unreliable Internet

A new survey has found that businesses in the UK still have to contend with unreliable Internet connectivity. This is especially true for those in rural areas.

The British Chambers of Commerce survey revealed that despite businesses across the UK stating that they need access to reliable and functional fast-speed Internet for seamless operations, many are experiencing problems in this regard.

Nearly 99 per cent of surveyed companies said that reliable Internet connectivity is important, but nearly 18 per cent, or close to one in five, have to contend with an unreliable connection. Additionally, the survey showed that businesses located in rural areas are more likely to suffer from undependable Internet compared to those in towns, inner cities and suburban areas.

SMEs appear to bear the brunt of an unreliable connection, with nearly 24 per cent of sole traders and 21 per cent of micro businesses stating that they have major issues with their Internet connectivity.

Nearly 48 per cent of businesses said that a reliable and easily accessible Internet connection would allow them to use cloud-based IT services, offer remote access to their employees and transfer large files.

Chris Plant, Director of the British Chambers of Commerce, stated that UK businesses are still contending with digital infrastructure that is not up to the mark; and businesses of all sizes are operating with unreliable Internet connectivity.

Mr Plant pointed out that in a digitally connected world, reliable Internet is a basic requirement for any business to function efficiently. Unfortunately, an unreliable connection leads to delays, adds to costs and diminishes productivity. He went onto add that while businesses across the UK are affected by unreliable digital connections, SMEs and rural companies experience the most issues. As a result, these businesses have a competitive disadvantage that hinders their growth and productivity.


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