SMEs to benefit from Bristol City Council’s fibre backhaul network

The Bristol City Council has chosen Hub Network Services to offer wholesale access to its BNET fibre optics network. This network extends to about 80km, covering nearly the entire city. This means that small business owners in Bristol will be able to enjoy ultrafast Internet connectivity if they begin using this network.

The council purchased the fibre network nearly 15 years ago from Rediffusion, a cable TV company. It was used to operate the council’s websites, but the council realised the potential of renting out the bandwidth that it did not use. In this regard, the council formed a joint venture in 2015 with ITS Technology Group and Net Support. This partnership was forged with the aim to rent out unused bandwidth to local businesses.

The joint venture has now formed a partnership with Hub Network Services to offer superfast Internet connectivity using the local Internet service providers. This access will cost small businesses about £350 a month. In addition, business will also get support services and 24-hour monitoring services to ensure that there is no problem with the connectivity.

Gavin Beckett, Head of Digital Transformation for the Bristol City Council, said that Bristol is a leading digital city in the UK, and the partnership is necessary to ensure that businesses benefit from fast Internet connectivity.

The fibre backhaul network can seamlessly connect businesses, regardless of their size, to the Internet, and it is ideal for companies with large bandwidth needs, corporate premises and multi-tenant offices, added John Volanthen, CEO of Hub Network Services. It will give them access to high-speed downloads and uploads and is affordably priced. Above all, it is reliable, secure and completely supported, making it attractive for small business owners in the city.

The monies received from renting out the fibre optics network will be used to fund other development projects around the city. The Bristol City Council also has plans to increase the coverage of the network to about 96km.


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