Openreach reconfirms ambitious target for full fibre rollout

Openreach has just held its first annual review after separating from BT. In the review, the national network builder reiterated its commitment to full fibre Internet.

The company aims to achieve its target of connecting 10 million businesses and homes to full fibre Internet by 2025.

Mike McTighe, Chair of Openreach, said that after providing homes and businesses with access to superfast broadband, it is time for the company to focus on ultrafast Internet that would allow speeds of more than 100Mbps.

He added that Openreach supports full fibre infrastructure and that it is necessary for the UK to future-proof its digital infrastructure to boost its productivity and help the economy for years to come.

Clive Selley, CEO of Openreach, said that the company has started laying full fibre infrastructure in nine cities for its FTTP services, and at the moment, it is covering 8,000 properties each week to ensure that they have connectivity.

Mr Selley added that over the next 12 months, Openreach intends to double its full fibre rollout. It has urged the Government, local authorities, Ofcom and communication service provider customers to make the investment process less risky while minimising barriers and red tape that could pose a problem in investments.

The Openreach review document pointed out that the mass market is essential to make the full fibre business across the UK successful. The company is looking at ways to collaborate with communications providers.

Mr Selley said that in areas where Openreach is not planning a full fibre rollout, it will focus on rolling out Gfast, its copper line-based ultrafast Internet. The network builder is also trying to encourage homes to upgrade to superfast broadband.

Openreach’s revenue for the fiscal year ending 31st March 2018 was £5.12bn. This was primarily due to an increase in demand for fibre products.

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