MP welcomes superfast Internet boost for businesses

Recent research by the UK Government has shown that superfast Internet has given a much-needed boost to the economy. It has been instrumental in creating 49,000 jobs across the country and helped businesses in the UK boost their turnover by approximately £9bn.

MP for Boston and Skegness, Matt Warman, has welcomed the findings of the new research. He said that extending superfast Internet across the country has made a difference to UK businesses. They have experienced a boost in their turnover and the unemployment rate has decreased.

Superfast Internet coverage in the UK now stands at 95.39%, according to the latest statistics. The Government is focusing on hard-to-reach areas and remote communities so that the digital divide in the country gets bridged. In the East Midlands, about 97.12% of residences and businesses now enjoy superfast Internet connectivity. However, work is still ongoing to increase coverage and ensure that over one million more homes and businesses also get access to high-speed Internet over the next few years. This should help cover 98% of the country.

To ensure that Internet service providers (ISPs) offer high upload and download speeds, the UK Government has introduced the Universal Service Obligation. This ensures that all homes and businesses in the UK will be able to access fast and reliable Internet by 2020 at an affordable rate. The Government has also set up an ambitious plan as part of its Industrial Strategy to offer full-fibre connectivity across the UK by 2030. Openreach, the infrastructure arm of BT, is working on upgrading the infrastructure.

Warman said that the boost in turnover is good news for businesses operating in Boston and Skegness as the nation moves towards a digital economy.

He welcomed the Government’s commitment and perseverance to work with ISPs to ensure that superfast Internet reaches areas that still do not enjoy broadband connectivity.

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