CityFibre superfast Internet to benefit Leicester and Nottingham businesses

CityFibre is set to launch its wholesale superfast Internet services in Leicester and Nottingham. The communications company has selected Onecom and Gigabit City Networks as its Internet service provider partners in the two cities.

CityFibre has requested that businesses that are plagued by poor Internet connectivity in both cities to register with the company if they are interested in availing its full FTTP services. The services will become operational from autumn 2017.

Rob Hamlin, Commercial Director of CityFibre, stated that both Leicester and Nottingham have flourishing businesses, but they are unable to contribute in a major way to the UK’s digital economy due to poor Internet connectivity.

Mr Hamlin opined that it is important to provide access to future-proof and reliable Internet services so that existing and emerging industries and businesses can benefit from the digital age and meet the demands of their customer base. Superfast Internet will help businesses to attract investments, focus on innovation and enjoy growth, productivity and enhanced efficiency.

The latest Tech Nation report states that Leicester will soon turn into a completely digital city, and it is being supported in this endeavour by De Montfort University and the University of Leicester.

Nottingham, too, has been attracting technology-based investments, which have resulted in the opening of a £2 million data centre facility and also turned the city into a hub for technology start-ups.

CityFibre believes that adding FTTP services will help the two cities increase their digital potential. This action will also benefit the Midlands as a whole and encourage the development of smart city apps.

Brendan Moffett, CEO of Invest Nottingham, stated that Nottingham is a fast-growing city, and getting access to ultrafast Internet connectivity will turn the city into a hub for technology companies and technology development.

Mr Moffett added that over £1 billion has been invested to improve Nottingham’s infrastructure, and with full-fibre Internet connectivity, the city is poised to turn into the main centre in the UK for digital growth.


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