UK small business employees keen on flexible working

A study conducted by Maintel, a managed communications services provider, found that employees prefer flexible working conditions rather than traditional office working hours regardless of their age group. Nearly 73 per cent of the participants believe that it is a workplace benefit if an organisation offers flexible working hours.

Out of the 1,000 adults surveyed, 64 per cent stated that as remote workers, they do not feel that their bosses, supervisors or workplaces are micromanaging them. Another 58 per cent of the surveyed workers said that they would take up remote working if the opportunity is made available.

The Maintel survey also found that 60 per cent of respondents feel that technology has the ability to replace person-to-person interaction at a workplace. However, most respondents cited several challenges to working from home, such as managing distractions and not knowing how to keep company data safe.

Rufus Grig, CTO of Maintel, stated that expectations of employees regarding their work keep changing and this is why management, workplace policies and IT infrastructure also need to change to accommodate the expectations of the workforce.

Mr Grig went on to add that successful companies, be they SMEs or large corporations, always give importance to their employees’ working styles, and they use technology to ensure that employees can work in a hassle-free environment. There are still companies in the UK, according to Mr Grig, that need to change their culture so that they can evaluate their employees’ competencies based on results rather than attendance.

Giving employees access to the right IT services and support will allow them to successfully work remotely and also ensure that an organisation’s sensitive data is safeguarded, opined Mr Grig. This will improve employee performance and offer a great return on investment in technology.

The Maintel study shows that SMEs should take a closer look at using technology to their benefit and giving employees flexible working conditions to improve productivity, recruitment and retention.


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