Cloud based virtual office

Improving your business communications

Virtual Office is a cloud based unified communications tool designed to help your business get the most from the 8×8 Phone System.  Our unified communication system can completely transform the way your business communicates throughout the entire organisation. Whether you have a single office, multiple sites, or have several home/remote users, our unified communication solution means you will never miss a call.

The Virtual Office application within 8×8 enables you to use your telephone extension, either on your laptop (softphone) or through a smartphone mobile app, without the need to use your physical handset. You can also manage many of the features available on 8×8 through the cloud based application to ensure your business stays connected.

Your unified communications platform will come with many features, one of our favourites, and our customers favourites is the desktop and mobile app. These apps enable you to view your corporate directory – meaning you are able to view all employee’s extension numbers, and see when they are on the phone, away from their desk or available. Both apps also come with an instant messaging feature.

“The desktop and smartphone app have received huge compliments. They are both fantastic for our staff here, and I know that most of our employees use them. It’s not only our UK team that use the apps, our international team find them very useful too” – Boutinot

Another feature our unified communication provides is personalised voicemail messages, and sends email notifications when the user has a new voicemail. Users can also divert their calls to another number. Combined, these features are great if an employee is absent or on annual leave.

Other keys features consist of:

  • Call forwarding
  • Auto attendant
  • *Call recording software
  • Direct dial options
  • Presence management
  • *Online meetings
  • Music and messages on hold
  • *Internet fax
  • *Extra audio storage

*These features may cost extra


To learn more about Virtual Office, please contact our Sales Team on 01635 55 55 50 or email

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