Telephone calls, lines and fraud protection

Call packages to match the exact telephone calling needs of each customer

du Pré, based in Berkshire within the heart of the Thames Valley, provides competitive calls and lines packages to organisations and schools all over the UK who are looking to reduce call spend or install new lines within their premises.

We offer a range of call packages, each tailored and designed to match your business needs. So, whether you make more calls to mobiles than landlines, or dial international numbers daily, we have a call tariff that’s right for you.

We provide a free cost comparison, so you can have confidence that moving to a du Pré business phone line package will give you the best rates and be cost effective to your organisation.

Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert is provided on all du Pré’s phone line services. This service will be triggered the moment your call spend goes above an agreed limit. Once this alert has been triggered, du Pré’s contract billing department will investigate your calls, and see if they fit an expected pattern. If not, our team will investigate further to understand why the issue occurred and identify if your business phone lines have been used fraudulently.

Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs)

du Pré offers businesses and schools a range of 08 and 03 NGNs, depending on requirements. The non-geographic number prefixes available for purchase are:

  • 0800 – Freephone
  • 0844 – Premium/Special rate
  • 0808 – Premium/Special rate
  • 0845 – Lo-call
  • 03 – Lo-call
  • 09 – Premium rate

Discover du Pré’s Calls and Lines packages and receive a free review of your current tariff to identify savings by contacting us on 01635 55 55 50 or by email


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