UK edtech conquering international education technology market

UK education technology companies have a strong presence not only within the country but also at the international level, according to a UK-based edtech provider that is spreading its wings internationally.

Sebastian Francis, co-founder of Titus Learning, said that with the promotion that British goods and services are receiving from the Department of International Trade (DIT), education technology companies are breaking into international markets successfully. He believes that the UK is exporting high-quality edtech that is even better than what similar companies in the US offer.

Mr Francis pointed out that British education technology is highly sought-after in regions such as the United Arab Emirates and China.

English-speaking schools distributed across 15 countries use Titus Learning’s technology. The company recently forayed into the Japanese market, as there are many expatriates working in the country, resulting in a huge demand for international schools that teach in the English language.

Titus Learning, headquartered in Yorkshire, is also developing edtech for universities and technology for professional development. While the company uses Moodle as an open-source learning platform, it also creates bespoke applications and software for clients based on their requirements.

With schools in the UK gradually introducing technology to enhance learning outcomes, companies such as Titus Learning are playing their part to help British schools and ensure that the Government’s Digital Strategy is a success.

While the UK is a leader in the development of education technology, it also needs to tackle the skills gap that it is presently experiencing. Although the Government has started schemes to close this gap, businesses also need to step in and take responsibility. Edtech providers have a major role to play in this regard, as they can develop the necessary learning tools for schools, universities and the corporate sector.

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