Majority of UK teachers don’t have time for edtech

Recent research reveals that nearly 77 per cent of teachers in the UK opine that they have insufficient time to find information related to education technology. The research was conducted by Driving Technology, an edtech company.

Driving Technology is responsible for the IDEAS Bus that can be seen in schools across the UK. This American school bus is quite eye-catching with its bright yellow colour. It visits schools throughout the UK to introduce them to edtech free of charge.

The research also found that teachers in secondary school do not have enough time to improve their knowledge about edtech and feel that they are unaware of the latest trends in this field. Overall, 79 per cent of teachers claimed that they are not confident about having the right information about the latest developments in education technology, while 46 per cent stated that they are unable to use edtech to its fullest potential in the classroom.

Nearly half of the teachers who participated in the survey feel that their schools are not up-to-date in using the latest education technologies. In total, 42 per cent said that lack of funding at an LEA level is hampering adoption of technology, while 53 per cent stated that teachers are receiving insufficient training to use technology optimally.

Casey Farquharson, CEO and founder of Driving Technology, said that he is not surprised with the results of the survey. He agreed that teachers have to do a lot of work on a daily basis, and this does not leave them with sufficient time to understand technology. However, technology has become a part of everyday life, and schoolchildren need to learn more about it rather than merely using mobile phones and tablets. They need to acquire job-specific skills. Hence, it is important to incorporate technology into the school curriculum, and teachers should be supported in this regard.

Mr Farquharson pointed out that the IDEAS Bus is meant to offer support through education and advice to teachers while also exposing students to technology.

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