Large interactive displays important to modern classroom environment

SMART Technologies Inc, a leading education solutions provider, recently revealed the findings of an international study, which show that having large interactive displays in classrooms is important for maintaining a modern and interesting learning environment. The company’s researchers questioned and surveyed IT professionals, education administrators and teachers for the study.

After collecting data from more than 26 countries, SMART’s researchers found that there has been an increase in the usage of display technology and handheld devices to impart and improve classroom teaching and learning. The study also revealed that increased usage of technology, software and group teaching is connected to student success. In particular, students fared better in English and Maths, showing an average improvement of about 16 per cent.

Jane Ashworth, SMART Technologies’ Managing Director for the UK, said that the research done by the company clearly shows that there are many elements needed to make the classroom environment effective and healthy. Some of these elements involve technology in the form of mobile devices, large interactive displays, audio, cloud technology, networking and education software.

The study also found that using software in classrooms improves student participation and social and emotional learning.

Dr Kecia Ray, Executive Director of the Centre for Digital Education, said that active learning environments are important for student success and that using software and technology for pedagogy increases student engagement.

Ms Ashworth pointed out that education is like an ecosystem, with interconnected groups of students, teachers and parents. These groups are interdependent and also synergistic. The research carried out by SMART Technologies shows that different groups need technology to come together and function as a whole. When it comes to improving student performance and engagement, large interactive displays and education software can make a world of difference.

Educators and school administrators are aware of the benefits of technology, which explains why many schools and institutions of higher learning are shifting to cloud computing and partnering with IT services professionals.

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