Remote Support

Connect to an IT or telephony Engineer

Is remote IT and telephone support secure?

Using SSL (a Digital Security Certificate) for secure connectivity, du Pré staff will attempt to gain access to your computer. As they do, a message will appear on your screen asking if you want to download an application.

Since it is up to you to grant access, and SSL is in operation, you can be assured of a secure connection, completely at your control, on a session by session basis.

What’s the remote telephone and IT support procedure?

du Pré Support (01635 55 55 00) will give you a code to enter on the website. A small applet will need to be downloaded before communication commences.

When the connection is terminated, the number cannot be re-used.

du Pré IT and telephone support

For more information, call the Support Team on 01635 55 55 00, or email

Start a remote support session?

du Pré has a secure facility for its telephone and IT support engineers to connect to your computer to work on a support issue you may have logged with our Support Centre.

Please click ‘connect to an engineer’ to be redirected.