Mini Skips (Southern) Ltd


Mini-Skips (Southern) Ltd was started in 1981 by Paul Tyler and a business associate. It started with one skip lorry and seven skips, one of the first companies in the country. Today the company has nearly 700 skips and 12 lorries.

The business has previously been spread across several sites around the country, but in more recent times has been concentrated in Maidenhead and High Wycombe.

Jim Tyler, founder Paul Tyler’s son, is in charge of the technical requirements of the Mini Skips business. At the time of his du Pré account manager’s call Jim saw no need to make changes.

“We had been with du Pré for 20 years and were happy with the service. We had a simple telephone system that did everything required.”

Although Jim was happy with the current system, du Pré saw an opportunity for an existing customer to save money and also to upgrade the capabilities of its telephone system. The proposal was to install du Pré Connect, a business grade hosted VoIP solution. Jim admits to being a bit uncertain. “I wasn’t clear about how VoIP worked and what exactly was involved. My main concern was you would need to employ an expensive broadband circuit with a high connection speed.”

To alleviate those fears du Pré supplied Jim and his business with a free trial of du Pré Connect. Jim used the trial to try the phones both in the office and at home.

“I was not sure how well the phone would work from home, as my connection is only about 3Mb/s” commented Jim, “but I simply plugged it in and it worked straight away – with no quality issues.”

After a successful trial Jim agreed to the proposal. His exisiting numbers were transferred to the new system, and the phones were connected to the exisiting broadband line installed at the business.

The new system also had another benefit. Recently Paul was over in New Zealand and while there he took his du Pré Connect phone with him, which meant he was never more than a free of charge internal extension call away. Jim explains:

“When Paul took his handset abroad one thing we did notice was unlike with some international calls, there was no delay or crackle – it’s like having him speak in the same room!”

In closing Jim stated: “Most noticeably our telephone costs have dropped significantly from the levels we were paying before.” Jim is also impressed with the support he has received. “Whenever we have a support issue it is dealt with very quickly. The worst problem we had was when a lorry took out our lines. Thanks to the system we were able to divert each phone number to a separate mobile within 20 minutes. We could of course also have taken our du Pré Connect phones home if required.”