CWR was founded as a Christian ministry in 1965 by Selwyn Hughes. Since then, it has grown into an international publishing and training organisation which seeks to enable people to apply God’s word to everyday life and relationships.

It offers a variety of courses and produces a wide range of high quality resources including daily devotionals, books, videos, audio cassettes and other inspirational items.

CWR is based at Waverley Abbey House near Farnham in Surrey, a Georgian building with modern facilities and extensive grounds, a lake and the picturesque ruins of a 12th-Century Cistercian monastery.

Waverley Abbey House is an attractive venue for conferences and gatherings of all kinds, making it perfect for CWR.

Eddie Olliffe, Charity Manager, explained how the organisation originally needed to simplify the supply chain for IT and telecoms. “We were using a number of suppliers for different services,” he said.

“Having multiple suppliers for our phone line, phone system, data line and IT support meant we had a merry-go-round identifying who to call when a fault occurred.

“Ben Johnston from du Pré made everything much simpler. Our previous telephone system (also a Samsung) was at the end of its life so he supplied us with a Samsung 7200 system; exactly what we needed.

“The new system has much more flexibility which suits the way we work. We now have an excellent auto-attendant which directs inbound calls, full PC management of the system and much better voicemail. We also have hunt groups which are very useful for ensuring inbound calls are never missed.”

CWR has two satellite offices in Singapore and Australia and plans to add these to the Samsung telephone system, enabling calls around the world with simple extension numbers.

“Ben has understood us really well and it’s great having du Pré look after our needs. We now have keen pricing, good Account Management and it all works well for us. I get calls every day from other companies trying to sell their services but I wouldn’t shift away from du Pré.”