Atkinson Keene


Atkinson Keene established itself as a well known and respected estate agent in Newbury more than 15 years ago, serving the needs of residents in the town and surrounding villages.

Much of its success as an independent company comes from being innovative and responsive to customer needs, always being available when customers demand it.

Jeff Brown joined the business in 1999 as a manager and subsequently bought the Newbury office with a business partner in 2000. Since then he has grown the company and bought out his partner’s share of the business.

Jeff explained how he initially inherited the Samsung telephone system he’s using. “It was here when I arrived and it’s still being used heavily today. And it’s always been du Pré looking after it.

“The Samsung system is perfect for us but it’s the support we get that really makes the difference. du Pré behaves like a large company but treats me as an individual. Whenever we’ve needed some help with the programming or anything else, du Pré has been excellent, really good. The staff remember and know me and it’s a very good local service.”

Most of Atkinson Keene’s new business comes from local clients who telephone the branch seeking to buy or sell a new property.

“Having a really effective system for telephone calls is so important for any estate agent and we can’t afford to have any downtime. Because of this, we keep our telephone calls and lines with du Pré as well as the telephone system support. This way, when I need some help and call the Support department at du Pré it can get straight to the heart of my issue with complete knowledge and understanding of all the communication services I have.

“Our telephones are an essential communication for us.”

Jeff explained how he receives a constant influx of phone calls from other companies wanting to sell their business telecoms services.

“We get inbound calls all the time from other companies wanting us to take their services. But we tell them we’re not interested because du Pré provides a good service. Everyone has to look at the bottom line but if the service is good for business continuity then that’s worth a lot to us.”