du Pré Remote Backup

A secure and affordable solution to store critical data offsite

 du Pré Remote Backup is a secure and affordable solution, enabling schools and businesses to store their critical data offsite within a secure data centre location.

Benefits of using a remote cloud solution include prevention of data loss in the event of a hardware failure or disaster at your premises, fully automated backup routines and removing the cost and inconvenience of storing server backup tapes offsite.


All data is fully encrypted and transferred through a secure SSL Certified connection to the data centre. A range of personal or managed encryption keys are available including 448-bit Blowfish or military level 256-bit AES encryption, and once your data has been downloaded it remains fully encrypted.

The du Pré Remote Backup data centre is staffed 24/7, with a secure perimeter in place and entry only via card and biometric security authentication. To ensure a continuous power supply to each server the data centre has diesel fuelled back-up generator and protection against power spikes.


While using the du Pré Remote Backup service you will remain fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. Full control of all stored data within the cloud is still retained by you and any information stored at our data centre remains fully private and only accessible by your organisation.


Automated routines enable backups to be scheduled overnight or during quiet periods, with the ability to store and manage multi-user environments. This service can also store all versions of SQL, Exchange, Active Directory and SharePoint server applications.

After the initial backup, the du Pré Remote service will only backup new or modified files, reducing download time and bandwidth used. There is also the option to set limits on the amount of bandwidth used for each routine.


Key features include:

  • Fully encrypted data transfer via secure SSL connection;
  • multiple data restoration options;
  • web-based back up monitoring tool;
  • data stored in SSAE audited and ISO certified data centres;
  • maximum bandwidth settings for backup routines;
  • monthly, weekly or hourly backup reports.


If you would like more information on du Pré Remote Backup please contact our Sales Team on 01635 55 55 50.