WideCells’ WideAcademy to educate people on stem cell technology

WideCells Group is looking to educate people about the benefits of stem cell technology through its education and training vertical, WideAcademy. It believes that this business division will be profitable and also encourage people and professionals to take a closer look at its other services, including CellPlan.

The stem cell services company feels that medical professionals need an avenue where they can get access to the latest news, trends and innovation in its sector and believes that WideAcademy will be able to meet this requirement.

The company is keen to establish its education and training business for medical professionals, insurance agents and the public. It intends to work with education and technology partners to help develop and deliver content in a simple, understandable language.

WideCells stated that visitors to its online educational portal will be able to access some content for free, while other content will be available upon payment. It added that English content for English-speaking countries will be rolled out first. Later on, other languages will be added, making WideAcademy the global go-to site for information related to stem cells.

Considering the vast Internet usage across the world, WideCells anticipates that WideAcademy will be a standalone profitable business division while also directing business to its other services.

The company stated that the more knowledge that people have about stem cells and innovation in the field, the stronger its business will be.

João Andrade, CEO of WideCells, said that WideAcademy will boost interest in the company’s services and products, and this, in turn, will drive investments in the sector. He is certain that the education vertical will offer knowledge from different perspectives using cutting-edge IT services and delivery systems.

Alan Greenberg, Senior Vice President of WideAcademy, said that technology will be the key to creating and delivering high-quality and easy-to-understand content. He added that a majority of the content will be free to access, but accreditation, courseware and access to other specialised networks will require a fee.

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