Mayor looks to transform London into a Smart City

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, intends to make London the world’s foremost Smart City. His goal is for digital technology and data to help the city become a better place to invest, work and live.

Mr Khan said that technology is necessary to solve some of the biggest challenges that London is facing, and he asked global technology companies and professionals to join forces in tackling issues such as housing, air pollution and transportation.

The Mayor launched a Clean Tech Incubator, aptly called Better Futures, which will assist 100 small businesses based in London to create and develop clean technology and low-carbon products that can not only deal with the causes but also the effects of climate change.

Better Futures will see the clean technology sector take roots in London, making the capital a hub for low-carbon industries.

Mr Khan also reiterated his intentions to appoint a Chief Digital Officer for London and said that the recruitment process is underway. The Chief Digital Officer will work with the local authorities, the Smart London Board, the Mayor’s Office and the city’s tech sector with the aim to make London a Smart City digitally and technologically.

The Mayor’s Office is also looking to establish the London Office of Technology and Innovation, where the boroughs can collaborate with one another and find solutions to the challenges that they face while sharing best practices.

Mr Khan said that he wants to use the new technologies being developed in the city to transform London into the leading Smart City of the world. Using these technologies, Mr Khan intends to deal with the range of social, environmental and economic challenges that the city is facing.

A report from Ernst and Young shows that London is the leading city in Europe to attract foreign investment for the technology sector, and with BT and other telecoms providers improving their infrastructure across the UK, London can more easily become a digitally connected and technologically advanced Smart City.

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