HP to work with Government to impart digital skills

The Government’s Digital Strategy programme aims to give the UK’s digital economy a boost over the next five years. The UK wants to become a global hub for digital innovation and research, and the Government hopes that the programme will help in this regard while also taking care of the existing skills shortage.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Government requested the private sector and not-for-profit organisations to come forward and ensure that people have the skills and knowledge to take advantage of the Internet and digital technology.

Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, said that the Government wants people to gain the necessary skills for digital technology career opportunities while making the UK’s economy stronger.

Ms Bradley also stated that Digital Strategy is a key Government programme, and the HP Foundation has committed to offering underprivileged and disadvantaged communities a free platform to learn and acquire essential skills. She believes that this will help these communities not only improve their digital and IT skills but also their business skills.

The Government is collaborating with the private sector to ensure that children and adults get access to free training so that they can overcome their lack of digital and IT skills. The HP Foundation will be offering its free HP Life online training programme.

Students and adults will have access to 27 online courses, which will be available in seven languages. These courses will be offered by HP Life to improve business-related skills, and it is believed that over a period of five years, around 6,000 users will benefit.

George Brasher, MD of HP for the UK and Ireland, believes that Digital Strategy will narrow the skills gap in the country while also allowing businesses to enjoy a competitive edge. He also stated that HP supports the Government’s initiative to close the skills gap and give digital businesses a boost.


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