Google brings Digital Garage project back to Birmingham

Google announced that it will be coming back to Birmingham to launch its Digital Garage project. The project will offer small businesses free coaching for a period of six months.

This project is similar to the one that the technology giant launched in 2015 at the Library of Birmingham. The new project will commence from 14th July.

Google said that the new Digital Garage project will offer 13 courses and workshops that complement those that had benefited small businesses during the earlier project. Those who attend these courses and workshops will have access to personalised coaching that will help improve their confidence and also offer advice on how to start and expand their businesses.

The Birmingham project is a collaboration between the tech giant and Which?, a consumer magazine. The duo has come together to educate both businesses and consumers on how to protect themselves when they go online.

Ronan Harris, Managing Director for Google UK and Ireland, stated that the organisation is thrilled to return to Birmingham to launch its latest Digital Garage. Mr Harris said that the technology offers unique and relevant answers to everyday problems.

He added that Birmingham was selected for the new Digital Project since the city is well known for its entrepreneurial spirit and has more than 6,000 tech-related businesses. The city has a thriving digital economy that has benefited all stakeholders. He believes that Google can play a significant role in helping Birmingham’s digital economy improve and grow.

While welcoming Google’s return to Birmingham, Cllr Tristan Chatfield said that the digital world is constantly evolving, and this has made it necessary for people and businesses to learn new skills to empower themselves.

Mr Chatfield went on to add that creativity and entrepreneurship are thriving in Birmingham, and Google’s new project offers an exciting opportunity to those who want to benefit from it.

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