Digital Xtra Project a grand success in Scotland

The Digital Xtra Project by West College Scotland has just launched three coding clubs. The project is funded by Skills Development Scotland and is managed by the computing staff and students of the college. Its aim is to familiarise pupils with BBC Micro:Bit and also encourage them to take up coding.

The coding clubs were launched in three secondary schools in Renfrewshire. They have been a success thus far and have attracted numerous students to participate. Some of the clubs’ activities include developing a pong game using a banana and making music from existing music by Katy Perry.

St Benedict’s High School is one of the secondary schools that hosts a Digital Xtra Project coding club. Chris Wilson, the school’s computing teacher, said that the entire lab is filled with students who come when they get the time. He pointed out that an equal number of boys and girls are participating in the club’s activities and that it is wonderful to see that so many girls are interested in coding and STEM subjects.

Mr Wilson also stated that the pupils are getting hands-on training in Micro:Bit coding, and this is an interesting experience for them. They like the idea of writing a code that can be used on a device that they can hold and see. He added that the students seem to have an inherent love for technology as well as creativity and that Micro:Bit perfectly stimulates their minds and interests them in coding. Mr Wilson praised the club and recommended it to schools.

The computing students from West College Scotland are extremely happy to share their knowledge and skills with the students. Running the coding clubs also gives them an opportunity to gain experience. One student mentioned that the clubs allow the instructors to introduce secondary pupils to game development and get them interested in the field of coding.

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