WND-UK to provide Sigfox to 95 per cent of Britain by 2019

Sigfox makes use of ultra-narrow band technology to connect devices to the Internet. It offers connectivity for devices that do not need high throughput, and hence, allows users to make use of devices that are not costly.

WND-UK is Britain’s main provider of Sigfox, and now the network provider has proclaimed that it will be covering 95 per cent of the country’s population by 2019.

Neal Forse, CEO of WND-UK, said that the Internet of Things has become commonplace, and very soon, devices that connect to the Internet will be wireless and will also offer services in multiple languages. Therefore, it is necessary to select the most apt technology so that the battery life as well as the performance of these smart devices is optimised.

Mr Forse added that network connections such as Sigfox that use narrow band technology do not require a great deal of power and also ensure that the battery life of devices that need to connect to the Internet last longer. Usually, it is the best connectivity option for devices that do not send vast amounts of data.

WND-UK launched its services in the UK in March 2017. Ever since, it has established 50 base stations and offers internet connectivity to nearly 34 per cent of the people in the country. As the company looks to install more base stations, it anticipates this figure to grow exponentially.

The company has partnered with organisations that are looking to use its network to connect devices to the Internet. Its partners include SPICA Technologies, Real Time Logistics Solutions, Amphy and LeakSafe.

Peter Milton, Managing Director of Real Time Logistics Solutions, stated that the company’s vision is to fulfil the requirements of the industry in the future with the help of innovative technology. The partnership with WND-UK will allow Real Time Logistics Solutions to significantly reduce the cost of implementing Internet of Things systems while offering the company an opportunity to go global and enjoy better business opportunities.

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