FE colleges use virtual learning environment to promote digital learning

Further Education (FE) colleges, such as DLD College London, The Manchester College, Preston’s College and South Essex College, have partnered with Instructure to use its open virtual learning environment called Canvas. The colleges believe that this will enhance both teaching and learning.

This move comes after research showed that nearly 81 per cent of teachers concur that technology helps them provide better instruction in the classroom.

Previously, FE colleges were using standalone technology products and free tools to teach. However, this trend is changing, with colleges adopting flexible and scalable teaching and learning solutions. Canvas is one such solution that provides interactive lessons and encourages better teaching and learning outcomes.

Instructure reported that the colleges that have implemented its virtual learning platform chose it because it offers a user-friendly, open environment for digital learning. This empowers both students and teachers, as they can control the pace of their teaching or learning.

Canvas comes with several features, such as state-of-the-art active video learning, detailed analytics and a gamut of mobile apps.

Alison Humphreys, Head of Quality at Preston’s College, revealed that the college’s existing legacy system was used more as a repository for content instead of a tool to promote better learning and educating. She believes that Canvas will help the college offer student-centric education. It will give students more control over their learning by providing access to the curriculum and alternative learning methods that meet their requirements. As a result, students will enjoy a better learning experience.

Kenny Nicholl, EMEA Vice President of Instructure, pointed out that free learning software is a cost-saving measure when compared to commercial learning solutions, but it also requires ongoing support and maintenance, which makes it expensive in the long run. FE colleges have to manage issues themselves if there is a glitch or problem with the free software. On the other hand, Canvas is reliable, user-friendly, flexible and scalable, which allows colleges to meet the changing education needs of the students. Hence, it is the preferred virtual learning environment.

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