Virtual Meeting

Online meeting, content sharing and video conferencing

Virtual Meeting offers online meeting, content sharing and video conferencing to help reduce costs and improve communication, anytime, anywhere, and any device – desktop, laptop tablet or smartphone(iPhone and Android). Virtual Meetings can either be done via the 8×8 app, or via any web browser.

Virtual Meeting is a cloud based platform, that provides an unlimited number of meetings each month with up to 15 participants able to attend each meeting (upgrade options are available to increase each virtual meeting to up to 50 participants). Virtual Meeting is ideal for sales demonstrations, training webinars or realising the potential of global meetings without having to your office. Meetings can be ad-hoc or scheduled on a daily, monthly or annual basis depending on your business requirements.

Virtual Meetings can be scheduled or initiated on the go. Either from your Virtual Office desktop, or from the 8×8 mobile app – This means that all your meetings will be in once place, and there is no need for additional software. UK and international numbers can also be set-up to enable attendees to connect where ever they are in the world.

The Microsoft Calendar plug-in allows meeting scheduling, and initiating meetings with just one click. This enables you to move from one form of communication to another by turning an instant message to video session.

Need to add someone else into the meeting without leaving the meeting yourself? This can be done with Virtual Office’s Presence indicator. This allows you to see who is available and who isn’t, and allows you to email, instant message or directly dial them into your meeting.


Virtual Meetings is integrated into the Virtual Office software of cloud communication solution, delivering you with the highest reliable service. This service is available in any location, and for any size business or school.

Every aspect within Virtual Meetings is secure, meaning that your critical business information is safe and protected. Security details below:

  • Content-sharing: TLS encrypts the MXPP connection to protect content
  • Public and private chat: TLS encrypts to the XMPP connect to project communication
  • Video Conferencing: Secured using SRTP
  • Audio Conferencing: SRTP is available
  • Single sign-on for users using SAML


  • HD Video and Audio
  • Mobile Collaboration
  • Launch a web conference via the 8×8 messaging feature
  • Public and Private chat
  • Share your whole desktop or a portion of it.
  • Plug-in for Microsoft Calendar
  • Annotate on-screen documents or use the whiteboard functionality to brainstorm.
  • Support multiple windows and monitors
  • Meeting recording
  • Meeting history and communication logs

Virtual Meeting is fully integrated with our Managed Hosted Business Telephone System.


If you would like more information on this service please contact our Sales Team on 01635 55 55 50.