Virtual Contact Centre

A cloud based call centre software application


Virtual Contact Centre is a cloud based call centre software application for businesses where high volumes of call traffic need to be managed and monitored efficiently.

Virtual Contact Centre is an extension of the telephone system we provide, and enables businesses to improve customer communication and interaction with its support department, customer service team or its telesales operatives.


Virtual Contact Centre offers integration with a number of industry leading CRM packages, such as: NetSuite, SalesForce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics.

The CRM provides the ability to deliver screen shots of critical customer information, solve customer problems quickly and effectively, and combines the needed information from other software to the same screen.  This makes every interaction with customers more efficient.

The Virtual Contact Centre provides key information on each and every one of your customers into the NetSuite or Salesforce software and can give you unique data on how long it took to close a customer’s issue and track what steps were involved in this process.

This package can also insure that your customer gets put through to the correct person who can best solve their issue first time. Once the customer is put through to the needed employee, the customer’s information will pop up on their screen, meaning that they won’t have to search the data base and can solve the customers issue quicker and more effectively.

Virtual Contact Centre writes suitable reporting data straight to the Zendesk reporting database. This allows you to use the Zendesk reporting skills to gain visibility into the entire customer experience through its stages.


With the Multi-Media aspect of the Virtual Contact Centre, customers are able to choose which channels they wish to communicate on, or amend these channels if they wish. These channels include phone, email, live chat and web based.


There is the ability for knowledge based routing, with calls being directed to agents with the most relevant knowledge and the option to set-up a chat or web call back facility within your existing website set up to increase contact with potential or existing customers.

Virtual Contact Centre also includes IVR (Interactive Voice Routing) and Virtual Queue offering queue position and call back option to avoid customers being frustrated during peak hours.


The range of dashboards within the Virtual Contact Centre provide Contact Centre Managers with the full details of their team’s performance.

  • Queue Dashboard – An overview of call volume and performance across various media, with the ability to view queue groups for detailed analysis.
  • Big Picture Dashboard – See how your agents are interacting and immediately see the volume of calls being handled or dropped.
  • Agent Comparison Dashboard – Compare staff against set KPIs regardless of groups or queues.
  • Agent Group Dashboard – Ensure that the right agent groups are looking after the right customer types to help increase customer satisfaction.


A key feature of the Virtual Contact Centre is the Office Analytics tool. This feature enables your business to identify call centre staff who are performing well and those that need further coaching or assistance. Virtual Office Analytics helps managers stay on top of team performance on or off-site, with a range of custom reports available to identify trends and show how your business is serving its customers.

  • Virtual Office Analytics also includes:
  • Scheduled report creation and delivery.
  • Fully filtered reporting to help you find the information most important to your business.
  • The ability to track performance against key KPIs over a set period of time.
  • Generation of good and bad service heat maps to give a graphical insight to the levels of service being provided.

If your business receives a has a high volume of calls to its customer service department, technical support team or has a large outbound telesales team, then the du Pré Virtual Contact Centre can help your business manage it customer facing teams more efficiently.

If you would like more information on this service please contact our Sales Team on 01635 55 55 50.