Calls and lines

Call packages to match the exact calling needs of each customer

Newbury based du Pré provides competitive Calls and Lines packages for UK schools and businesses looking to reduce call spend or install additional PSTN, ISDN lines or SIP trunks to their premises.

du Pré offers a range of call packages, each designed to match the exact calling needs of each customer. So whether you make more calls to mobiles than landlines, or dial international numbers on a daily basis we have a call tariff that’s right for you.

For multisite businesses or schools with a number of campuses, du Pré offers discounted call rates for inter-site calls with customers on du Pré’s Business Telephone System, benefiting from free inter-site calls, whether within the UK or overseas, further reducing the cost of communicating.


Fraud Alert is provided on all du Pré Calls and Lines customers and is triggered the moment your call spend goes above an agreed limit.

Once an alert has been triggered, our Calls and Lines department will investigate with you whether these calls fit the expected pattern, and if not, understand why they occurred and if your telephone lines have been used fraudulently.


Each du Pré Calls and Lines customer can tailor their bills in the format best suited for them, making it easier to understand exactly how much is being spent and where. We can also run specific call reports for du Pré Calls and Lines customers if required for analysis purposes.

Calls and Lines invoices can be emailed to you and there is an online portal where you can view your itemised call detail and current call levels.


du Pré is one of the few telecommunications providers to offer academic call rates to UK schools and other education establishments.

The du Pré Academic Calls and Lines package offers reduced call charges and line rental, at prices only available to the academic sector, while still benefitting from features such as Fraud Alert and online billing.

Whether you are an independent, academy or a state school, du Pré’s academic call rates can help your school to reduce costs on its calls and lines expenditure.


du Pré can provide businesses and schools with a range of 08 and 03 NGNs depending on your requirements. The non-geographic number prefixes available for purchase are:

  • 0800 – Freephone
  • 0844 – Premium/Special rate
  • 0808 – Premium/Special rate
  • 0845 – Lo-call
  • 03 – Lo-call
  • 09 – Premium rate


To find out more about du Pré’s Calls and Lines packages and for a free review of your current tariff to see how much you could save, contact our Sales Team on 01635 55 55 50.