VoIP telephone systems

Reliable, cost-efficient and fully featured business grade telephone systems that flex to meet the current needs of your company or school with our Connect2 Voice over IP hosted system.

High speed internet

FTTC, GEA, EFM, FTTP, ADSL2, Super Connected, Leased Lines? Forget the jargon, we cost efficiently match your business or school to the best available fast internet data connections.

IT support

We offer a comprehensive set of tailored services, from basic IT support to fully managed IT solutions and remote network monitoring, backed by state-of-the-art service desk systems.

Communication services

Calls and lines contracts, telephone support (including legacy systems from Samsung and Panasonic), installation and relocation, integrated mobiles, laser and radio links, WiFi...and more!

Latest from the Blog

Beware there’s a phone hacker about

We’ve warned about this before, but an article on the IT insights website Techradar provides sensible advice about leaving your VoIP telephone system with default passwords on the handsets and also on any web portals... Read More

Beat the freeze on new internet orders

We would like to advise all customers looking to place orders for new internet services, that from mid-December to early-January many internet service providers are carrying out a freeze on new orders and change... Read More

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